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Available All Over


The Texaphonics debut album, “My Way Home”, is now available in the major digital music stores.  iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Google MP3 all have it for purchase.

It’s been a sincere labor on our part to get this record out there.  We have no expectations but really enjoy the music we’re doing and hope you will as well.

A big thank you to Aaron at Red Silo Studios in Georgetown, TX, for giving us this opportunity and coaching us along the way.

I sent a few of the tracks to Mick Brierley (because without his pickups my Tele wouldn’t have sounded anywhere near as amazing as it did) and loved his response:  “They make me think of sitting in an old 50’s or 60’s classic car driving through the backroads/outback, or sitting outside my old house looking out on the fields, it’s a great feeling they bring out in me, it’s what music is about, Love it.”

Couldn’t have asked for a better review because to me that’s what it’s about – a classic feeling without being a “classic rock” band.  We’re not revivalists or trying to cop a specific sound, we’re just making music and doing so honestly.  This is who we are.  There’s no motive other than doing what we love.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


It’s Out!

“My Way Home”, our debut album, is now available for purchase on iTunes and Google MP3. Hopefully soon it will be available on Amazon and other sites as well. Check it out!


You can now hear our songs on this website – just click the Media tab and you can hear four song from our debut album, “My Way Home”. Soon you will also be able to purchase the album from iTunes and Amazon.

New Videos Coming Soon

If you came here to listen to the music we had posted, those were deleted. They were our old demos and we’re in the process of putting up our finished tracks on YouTube. Keep tuning in and you should be able to hear us again in a few days!


Some changes are on the way – The Texaphonics have finished recording their album and are working to get it to your ears.  Soon you will be able to buy it on iTunes,, Spotify, and others.  In the next few days there will be pictures posted from the recording sessions and stay tuned for the album announcement!

Group Shot


Left to right:

Ryne Foster (drums), Logan Kubiak (guitar), and Matt Riley (vocals/guitar)

October 27th – Cancer Benefit


If you’re in Austin come check out Dan “the Good Man” Goodman’s Cancer Benefit at Baby Blues on Burnet Rd.  Everything is set to start at 9:00 pm with a lineup of four bands.  Steve Wilson, The Texaphonics (that’s us), the Canaries, and Threes Away.  There will be door prizes and drink specials, so come celebrate the Good Man and help raise some money for medical costs as he beats cancer.

Dan “the Good Man” Goodman Cancer Benefit

Baby Blues on Burnet Rd. in Austin, TX

9:00 pm – 2:00 am

Saturday, October 27, 2012